Here’s to Celebrations

Hi Everyone! Here's to a Happy New Year in a New Decade! Cheers to each and everyone of you and your families. In 2020, I pray you experience nothing but love, joy, peace, inspiration, happiness, comfort, and God's protection throughout the year as you encounter new possibilities and new triumphs. No matter what downsides you… Continue reading Here’s to Celebrations

How To Be Safe Using UBER

Written By: Debbie Stokes I want to say... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As the Christmas holiday closes in, the end of the year is creeping upon us fast. We are about to break new ground by entering into 2020— a new year and a new decade. I can't help but think about gratitude and how blessed I… Continue reading How To Be Safe Using UBER

Taking Risk and Trusting Your Gifts

Article Written By: Debbie Stokes For so many, risk is a scary word because it requires you to go outside of what's normal for you. It also requires you to be brave. If you think about what risk means, it's taking a chance that could be harmful, dangerous or cause loss. but you do it… Continue reading Taking Risk and Trusting Your Gifts

Finding the Determination to Succeed

Juliet N. Jones was a jobless, divorced, single mother who grew tired of being sick and tired. Using her life pain and "broken" state as motivation, she dared to dream. Determined to overcome her struggles and driven to create a better life for herself and her kids, she developed a proven system that took her… Continue reading Finding the Determination to Succeed

The Power of the “P”

When we met Randi at the Why Women Cry Conference in Baltimore and heard about her seminar, we approached her about being interviewed. We felt strongly that her subject is a topic most women don't talk about. In fact, they are almost ashamed to talk about it. It's like their "little secret." In most instances,… Continue reading The Power of the “P”