When You Get The Opportunity – Don’t Hesitate

Written By: Debbie Stokes When was the last time you helped someone? If the opportunity to help presented itself, would you? The holiday season is fast approaching as December ushers in shopping for Christmas gifts and preparing for family gatherings. Winter is beginning to roar as people wrap up to shield from the grasp of… Continue reading When You Get The Opportunity – Don’t Hesitate

Letting Go of Anger and Finding Forgiveness

Article and Interview By: Debbie Stokes What will it take for you to let go of your anger and forgive the person you have an issue with? How long will you hold onto the pain? To the anger? Does your peace have to keep suffering? I challenge you to open your mind and heart to… Continue reading Letting Go of Anger and Finding Forgiveness

Eagles with Broken Wings

When you think of an eagle, more often than not, you probably think of power, beauty, and being able to soar. In fact, an eagle is known for being fast, furious, and for owning the sky when it takes flight. But I'm guessing, you never think of yourself as an eagle, so to speak. What… Continue reading Eagles with Broken Wings

The Impact of Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a major issue in today's society. Every time we look at the news when it relates to random or rampage shootings, more often than not, the underlying cause stems from the mental illness of the perpetrator who committed the crime. In other instances, mental illness can be found in an array of… Continue reading The Impact of Mental Illness