Letting Go of Anger and Finding Forgiveness

Article and Interview By: Debbie Stokes What will it take for you to let go of your anger and forgive the person you have an issue with? How long will you hold onto the pain? To the anger? Does your peace have to keep suffering? I challenge you to open your mind and heart to… Continue reading Letting Go of Anger and Finding Forgiveness

Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride grew up in Compton, California. During her teenage years, she was faced with health issues that nearly took her life; but by the grace of God, and her persistence to fight, she survived. With her will to win, her love of education, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Karen propelled forward to… Continue reading Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Break Free From the Cycle of Destructive Relationships

When is "enough" enough? How much do you value yourself?   Too often, we hear case-after-case of people being abused by their, supposedly, significant other. I know it happens to both men and women, but for this article, we are focusing on the women. In the news, we hear how women have been beaten, shot, stabbed… Continue reading Break Free From the Cycle of Destructive Relationships

The Power of the “P”

When we met Randi at the Why Women Cry Conference in Baltimore and heard about her seminar, we approached her about being interviewed. We felt strongly that her subject is a topic most women don't talk about. In fact, they are almost ashamed to talk about it. It's like their "little secret." In most instances,… Continue reading The Power of the “P”

After 40 Dating Foolery – Comedienne Style

When we get to the age of 40, something seems to magically happen. We wake up on our 40th birthday, and just like clock work, our eyes are a little blurred. We try to read something and find ourselves holding the paper or book further away in order to see it. Then we find our… Continue reading After 40 Dating Foolery – Comedienne Style