Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride grew up in Compton, California. During her teenage years, she was faced with health issues that nearly took her life; but by the grace of God, and her persistence to fight, she survived. With her will to win, her love of education, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Karen propelled forward to… Continue reading Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Finding the Determination to Succeed

Juliet N. Jones was a jobless, divorced, single mother who grew tired of being sick and tired. Using her life pain and "broken" state as motivation, she dared to dream. Determined to overcome her struggles and driven to create a better life for herself and her kids, she developed a proven system that took her… Continue reading Finding the Determination to Succeed

16 Empowering Declarations for the Daring Woman

Article written and submitted by Tracey Osborne Meet Tracey Osborne, a rape and domestic abuse survivor. She is on a mission to empower women on a global scale. No longer a silent victim, she is using her voice to make an impact and to encourage others to do the same through her company, Daring Woman.… Continue reading 16 Empowering Declarations for the Daring Woman

7 Reasons Why It’s Important for Women to Walk in Boldness

Article submitted by guest blogger Nykee Parker Nykee Parker is a blogger, motivational influencer, songwriter, and an author. She believes her calling in life is to create, inspire, and empower by using words, lyrics, music, and fashion to encourage people to boldly pursue their passions, and live out their life’s purpose. Nykee’s passion for helping others… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why It’s Important for Women to Walk in Boldness

How to Use Your Pain for Power

What's your pain? What pain is holding you prisoner and controlling both your life and thoughts? What pain are you dealing with that's keeping you from doing the things you want to do, and from being the best you?  We had to ask these questions because a lot of people struggle to get through their… Continue reading How to Use Your Pain for Power