Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride grew up in Compton, California. During her teenage years, she was faced with health issues that nearly took her life; but by the grace of God, and her persistence to fight, she survived. With her will to win, her love of education, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Karen propelled forward to… Continue reading Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Break Free From the Cycle of Destructive Relationships

When is "enough" enough? How much do you value yourself?   Too often, we hear case-after-case of people being abused by their, supposedly, significant other. I know it happens to both men and women, but for this article, we are focusing on the women. In the news, we hear how women have been beaten, shot, stabbed… Continue reading Break Free From the Cycle of Destructive Relationships

Who Are You Underneath the Hat?

When we heard this title, we thought about how catchy it was and how it resonated in our minds. Then, we thought deeper and realized most women in church are all about their hats. For decades, a women's hat exemplified her character, her strength, her confidence, and her passion; not to mention it made a… Continue reading Who Are You Underneath the Hat?