How to Recognize Depression and Anxiety in Your Kids

It really hurts me to see our kids suffering. With so many cases of mental illness and depression impacting the younger generation; it's time for society to recognize the urgency of the problem, and take a stand to help our youth stabilize or overcome their states of anxiety and depression to prevent harm to themselves… Continue reading How to Recognize Depression and Anxiety in Your Kids

The Impact of Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a major issue in today's society. Every time we look at the news when it relates to random or rampage shootings, more often than not, the underlying cause stems from the mental illness of the perpetrator who committed the crime. In other instances, mental illness can be found in an array of… Continue reading The Impact of Mental Illness

An Invisible Child… A True Story

  We all have a past, and we all have secrets. Some of our pasts are not as bad as others. As a matter of fact, a lot of us probably enjoyed our upbringings without much pain and chaos, outside of what's considered normal. As a result, we grew up and continued to live our… Continue reading An Invisible Child… A True Story