Why Only Women Burnout and What to Do About It

Article Written By: Angelica Weaver Hello! To begin, I left a toxic job and a toxic relationship. Those led me to coaching about wellness and purpose. I struggled with how or why I had allowed these two into my life. It all boils down to burnout. I couldn't stand being alone with my feelings of… Continue reading Why Only Women Burnout and What to Do About It

The Journey to Weight Loss

Written by: Debbie Stokes We all have struggles we deal with from time to time. So, for this post I wanted to share with you my current struggle. My weight loss journey is in full effect not because it’s a New Year's resolution but because it’s for the sake of my health. I am on… Continue reading The Journey to Weight Loss

How to Deal With Your Self-image Issues

Article and Interview by: Debbie Stokes For so long, growing up, I suffered with self-image issues. It wasn't because I thought I was ugly or overweight, but because when I looked in the mirror I always saw flaws in my appearance. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of confidence, was smart, and got… Continue reading How to Deal With Your Self-image Issues

Through the Fire: The Kelley Porter Story

Can you imagine being totally broken to the point of no return? Where your life is literally like a train wreck or plane crash and the train or plane is on fire, but there's no one at the scene to help you. Your mind is discombobulated, your spirit is shattered, your heart is tormented, and… Continue reading Through the Fire: The Kelley Porter Story

The Impact of Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a major issue in today's society. Every time we look at the news when it relates to random or rampage shootings, more often than not, the underlying cause stems from the mental illness of the perpetrator who committed the crime. In other instances, mental illness can be found in an array of… Continue reading The Impact of Mental Illness