After 40 Dating Foolery – Comedienne Style

When we get to the age of 40, something seems to magically happen. We wake up on our 40th birthday, and just like clock work, our eyes are a little blurred. We try to read something and find ourselves holding the paper or book further away in order to see it. Then we find our… Continue reading After 40 Dating Foolery – Comedienne Style

6 Signs That a Person is Toxic

Article Contributed By: Diane Marion Eunice (aka DE) Diane Marion Eunice is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has had a private practice specializing in RelationShift Counseling and Consulting Services for eight years. She's also a Radio Co-host, Motivational Speaker, and Life Transformationist who is passionate about inspiring others to Live, Love and Enjoy… Continue reading 6 Signs That a Person is Toxic

How to Find Your Happy

How many of you have ever asked yourself or wondered… is there more to life? Probably, most of you at one point or another, right? The truth is from the time when you were a young kid, most of you were raised to believe in dreaming, having fun, being happy; and told to stay a… Continue reading How to Find Your Happy