We Are Women: Strong-Beautiful-and Proud

Written By: Debbie Stokes Have you ever thought about the strength you possess as a woman? As we enter into 2020, now is the time to refocus on who we are. This year has been good for some and for others—not so good, but what defines us is still the same… we are women. Despite… Continue reading We Are Women: Strong-Beautiful-and Proud

Choices: Now That I Know Better

Article Written and Contributed by: Malika Staar Malika S. Carey aka Malika Staar loves God, her family, and her church. She is passionate about life; even amidst the hurdles it brings, she believes through faith, all things are possible. Malika believes there is nothing wrong with daydreaming, as long as you go after what you… Continue reading Choices: Now That I Know Better

Eagles with Broken Wings

When you think of an eagle, more often than not, you probably think of power, beauty, and being able to soar. In fact, an eagle is known for being fast, furious, and for owning the sky when it takes flight. But I'm guessing, you never think of yourself as an eagle, so to speak. What… Continue reading Eagles with Broken Wings