My Life Behind the Camera: A Faith Walk Interview

Article Written and Interview By: Debbie Stokes Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you acted strictly on faith? So often we make choices based on what our present circumstances are and what we see. To go further, we base our decisions on how people see us and what people say… Continue reading My Life Behind the Camera: A Faith Walk Interview

How To Be Safe Using UBER

Written By: Debbie Stokes I want to say... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As the Christmas holiday closes in, the end of the year is creeping upon us fast. We are about to break new ground by entering into 2020— a new year and a new decade. I can't help but think about gratitude and how blessed I… Continue reading How To Be Safe Using UBER

How to Deal With Your Self-image Issues

Article and Interview by: Debbie Stokes For so long, growing up, I suffered with self-image issues. It wasn't because I thought I was ugly or overweight, but because when I looked in the mirror I always saw flaws in my appearance. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of confidence, was smart, and got… Continue reading How to Deal With Your Self-image Issues

Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride grew up in Compton, California. During her teenage years, she was faced with health issues that nearly took her life; but by the grace of God, and her persistence to fight, she survived. With her will to win, her love of education, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Karen propelled forward to… Continue reading Getting Unstuck and Shifting Gears

Finding the Determination to Succeed

Juliet N. Jones was a jobless, divorced, single mother who grew tired of being sick and tired. Using her life pain and "broken" state as motivation, she dared to dream. Determined to overcome her struggles and driven to create a better life for herself and her kids, she developed a proven system that took her… Continue reading Finding the Determination to Succeed