The Power of the “P”

When we met Randi at the Why Women Cry Conference in Baltimore and heard about her seminar, we approached her about being interviewed. We felt strongly that her subject is a topic most women don't talk about. In fact, they are almost ashamed to talk about it. It's like their "little secret." In most instances,… Continue reading The Power of the “P”

The Impact of Mental Illness

Mental Illness is a major issue in today's society. Every time we look at the news when it relates to random or rampage shootings, more often than not, the underlying cause stems from the mental illness of the perpetrator who committed the crime. In other instances, mental illness can be found in an array of… Continue reading The Impact of Mental Illness

Celebrity Spotlight: Glynis Albright – Her Story of Survival, Passion and Purpose

She went from suffering with a life-threatening illness to building a successful food-line business, to creating her very own brand. Listen as she talks about health, nutrition, faith, family, business, and giving back. Glynis Albright was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and lived there until age 10. Then, her family moved to Los… Continue reading Celebrity Spotlight: Glynis Albright – Her Story of Survival, Passion and Purpose

Menopause and You: Get the Facts

When most of us think about menopause, the first thing that comes to mind are those dreaded hot flashes. You know how one minute, everything is going just fine, but then, it's like your inner heat formed into hands and leaped from out of nowhere and attacked you. Keep in mind, the weather had nothing… Continue reading Menopause and You: Get the Facts

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Love

Personal Story Contributed By: Wendy T. Talley I am a strong believer that pain pushes you into your purpose.┬áChange brings forth the beginning of your awakening, which in turn, brings about a new opportunity, and the transforming of a new you and a new life. As I ponder about my life, I have many pain… Continue reading 5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Love